Counter Wheel Decorating

Here at Stamprite Machine we have come up with an innovative way of hot stamping numbers around the circumference of number wheels. For the most part the industry standard was to use a spur gear and rack to orient the characters on the wheel. This made it very difficult to adjust, and also left it open to error if the fasteners holding the rack were to loosen without warning.

With this in mind we came up with a new system.

The system we developed incorporated a 2 servo motor system with 2 axis interpolation. Using this type of system we are now able to change where the characters are located around the circumference of the wheel hrough data registers in the PLC. This is done simply by changing values in an operator interface. Not only does this allow for ease of adjustment, setup times are also reduced.

There are no fasteners to vibrate loose and no gear to wear out which will also reduce routine maintenance. All in all this has turned out to be a much better system.