CR-3000 Roll-on Conveyor Hot Stamp Machine

The CR-3000 offers a better alternative to hot stamping flat parts. Unlike the standard vertical hot stamp press, roll on decorating makes for much better decorating. In a vertical press air entrapment can occur causing voids in the print. The inherent design of the roll-on decorator causes all of the air to be forced out as the part moves under the decorating head.

In our machine we decided to incorporate a photo-eye for machine actuation. In other words, the head will not extend down and the foil will not begin to pull until a part trips the photo-eye. This reduces foil scrap and allows the operator to simply place the part on the conveyor without having to actuate a start circuit manually.

  • Features
    • Manual Emergency Stop
    • Infrared Temperature Sensing
    • Air Blast Cool Down During Power Failure
    • Overheat Protection, Senses if Roller Stops Turning
    • All Needle and Roller Bearing Construction
  • Options
    • Operator Interface
    • Palletized Conveyor
    • Custom Ground Heated Roller
    • Decal Transfer Advance
    • Automated Loading and/or Un-Loading