Seedpack 2000 Series II

Finally, a dependable easy to use seed packing machine built with American parts serviced by an American company.

The Seedpak 2000 Series II is built entirely in Manchester, Connecticut by a machine builder offering over 35 years of equipment building experience.

This machine is designed to give you trouble free packing of multiple seed varieties day after day. We have combined ease of changeover with a low maintenance, extremely durable machine to achieve this. Call us for a list of references and any other questions you might have, we will be happy to assist you.

Control Panel

This panel is designed to help simplify machine set-up, by giving the operator the ability to turn certain functions on and off.

  • Features
    • Carousel Design
    • Easy Changeover between multiple size seed packets
    • Fills 1/4 lb. paper seed packets
    • Microprocessor Control
    • 2.5 cu. ft. Hopper will hold 50lbs. of Peas, Beans or Corn Seed
  • Options
    • Collating Conveyor
    • Hot Stamp Date Coder
    • Seed Counter