Air Actuated 1/2 Ton Heat Staking Machine Model HS-10

Our equipment ranges in size from a small hand operated heat staking press for low volume or prototype operations, to large multi-tooled machines capable of multiple stakes at one time.

To the right is our model HS-10, which is built with the same reliability and durability as our hot stamping machines. This heat staking press comes standard with one tip and has the ability to easily add three more for a total of four on the standard press. The machine may also be customized for more depending upon the size of the posts you wish to stake.

The HS-10 probes are 340 watts with 3/8-16 threads. The probe and tip assembly are mounted to a removable dovetail plate. With this design you are able to have multiple dovetail plates with different arrangements of mounting holes, giving you the ability to quickly change set-ups for different parts with different staking post configurations.

With limitless custom tooling available, the Model HS-10 will fit well with any plastics assembly line.

We also build automated and semi-automated inserting equipment to enhance your current production line.

  • Features
    • PID Temperature Control
    • Microprocessor Machine Control
    • Two Adjustable Head Down Speeds
    • Anti-Tie Down Anti-Repeat Hand Buttons
    • Micrometer Mechanical Head Stop

  • Options
    • Hardened Steel Die Bushing w/Hardened Steel Main Shaft
    • All Roller Bearing Head Guide
    • 6-Way Adjustable Steel Work Table
    • Air Filter w/Regulator