Heat Transfer Machine

Go Tagless!

With the labeling trend in the garment industry heading more and more toward the “TAGLESS” direction, we designed a machine to help apply them. This machine is designed specifically for applying care labels and logos directly to all different types of fabric, permanently.

Shown here is Stamprite’s VT-10 ½-Ton Hot Stamp press configured with our TA-3000 Transfer Advance option.

  • Features
    • 4″ x 6″ heated platen
    • 6″ x 9½” work table
    • Digital Temperature Display
    • Digital Dwell Display
    • Digital Part Counting Display
    • Roller Bearing Head Guide
    • Precision Micrometer Head Stop
    • Toggle Clamp Dovetail Plate Holder With Adjustable Stop
    • Two-Speed Transfer Advance for Accurate Decal Location
    • Color Coded Head Speed Controls
    • Steel Work Table With 6 Way Adjustment
    • Air Filter With Regulator
    • Two Hand Anti-Tie Down Non-Repeat Activation With Pinch Point Interlock